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    I update my website regularly so some things may be changing from time to time, but any and all new information, puppies, etc. will be updated here first!!

Steps to getting your FUREVER friend! :)

1. Fill out a Puppy/Dog Questionnaire Form

2. Send over your $200.00 nonrefundable deposit on Good Dog to reserve your puppy!

(*Any money sent via electronic payment is non-refundable*)  

3. Fill out Puppy Birth Certificate Form with the puppy's new name (if a new name isn't picked the name i give them will go on the BC)

Also, once a Puppy Pick Up date and time has been scheduled and then changed a $10.00 fee will be added to the final payment.

2024 Expecting Litters

✨ American Honey X Sir Greyson Archer tied on December 1st

Puppies will hopefully be due around Early February!


Puppies will be SILVER & SILVER GRAY MOH

✨ Sassenach Spirit X Prince Ali Ababwa tied on December 5th so we will hopefully have puppies early February. 

Puppies will be BLUE 

Our past puppies . . . (

2023/2024 Expecting Litter

✨ TCF Flush Em out Birdie X ? - currently waiting on her next heat cycle, Stay tuned!

Puppies will be :

Looking for a Blue stud to use to breed to Birdie! 


** I have contacted everyone on this list multiple times and starting January 2024 ALL questionnaires will be discarded if you have not contacted me about getting a puppy in 2024!!!**


NOT PAID but have sent in a questionnaire ->

Barbara S - Silver any

    Katie P - Silver any

    Addison C - Silver Female

    Thomas O - Silver any

    Amanda N - Blue Female

    Heather M - Blue Female

    Katie P - Blue any

    Tammy M - Blue Male

    Thomas O - Blue any

    Skylar R - Blue MOH M

    Cat W - MOH any

    Krista C - Silver Male

    Mary B - MOH any

    Ellen M - MOH any

    Erik R - SILVER M

    Carly W- 

    Danny F - any

    Greg - siblings any

    Jennifer R - 

    Julia B- 

    Justin - Blue

    Laura G- 

    Marilynn R - 

    Matthew M- 

    Michael - 

    Sabrina T - 

    Jason N - 

    Kelly W -

    Jeremiah M - Blue
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